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... took a maths degree in 1972, so please excuse any pedantry with logic from me, I can't help it, it's the way my mind was shaped. During the maths degree, I first met programming in the shape of ALGOL-60 (your first language is always the best). Spent 30 years working for British Rail and its successor organisations in IT, writing, designing, specifying software for business systems relating to trains. Have made some use of data modelling but never past the Third Normal Form. First came across XML when we commissioned software to publish train schedules and events. Latterly, ran a 2nd level support team for the trains systems, so I'm used to translating between software propeller-heads and users who "call a spade a spade", to use a British phrase. Throughout my career, I always tried to balance pragmatism with that logical pedantry - i.e. I can make a pragmatic decision if I know why. Retired in 2008 to spend more time with my family history - I use Family Historian software from Calico Pie,which is unusual in that it uses GEDCOM as its native file format - hence my interest in ensuring ease of conversion from GEDCOM to BetterGEDCOM formats.


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