BetterGEDCOM Sandbox

This is the section of this wiki that is for the serious work of this project. While the other pages are extremely important, this is where the bulk of the work on this project will be discussed and get done. Please keep in mind that while this is a user-driven community project, the desired initial outcome of this project is a technical standard for software developers. Much of what follows will be very technical in nature and may require advanced programming knowledge to fully understand. Here are some discussion areas for development of a suitable data model for BetterGEDCOM:

Discussion Of A BetterGEDCOM Data Model
Pages in this area are for development of the actual BetterGEDCOM data model.

Container File Discussion and Issues
This set of pages is devoted to multimedia file and container issues.

Use Of Existing XML DTDs & Schema
This section discusses how to best take advantage of existing XML-based technologies that can complement the core data model.

Multimedia Inclusion and referencing

BetterGEDCOM test suite