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mmartineau 2011-04-19T23:14:13-07:00
PROPOSAL: Underlying Syntax
Underlying syntax

I propose BetterGedcom use XML as its syntax.


gthorud 2011-04-20T17:53:09-07:00
There have been long discussions about using XML for BG. The conclusion so far is that this is nothing that has to be decided now. I personaly have not seen any better alternative, but the syntax for BG is not realy an E&C issue.

I think the descussions so far has shown that Gedcom works well as a "working value syntax" for presentation of examples because most of us is familiar with it, and there is not so much noice as in XML - it is easier to read. I am not aware of any data structure that we will have that can be presented in XML, but not in Gedcom, but there could be ???

But as a "type" syntax, I am not sure what is best, the "BNF" of Gedcom or a DTD. With a DTD, you can still use Gedcom as value syntax, perhaps with a convention for XML attributes. We have also managed well with simple quasi syntaxes - as the one I presented for Extractions.
AdrianB38 2011-04-21T03:44:44-07:00
I've just created a discussion topic on

for any discussion that might arise on this topic - can we agree to use that topic, please, then we can have all (fairly specific) discussions on requirements and possible solutions in one area?

I would, by the way, be quite happy with XML as a choice