What note fields, reference fields or other information does a citation entity need? Note: A citation in a computer database is entirely different than a citation in a published genealogy.

For each bit of event data a user exports to a BetterGEDCOM, the same export should allow the user's citations (reference notes) to also transfer.


hrworth 2010-11-27T09:36:52-08:00
Citation Entity
Not sure what you are looking for. I agree what what an application calls a Citation "entity" may or may not be a Genealogical Sound / Acceptable Citation.

In Evidence Explained! (2007) the details are pretty clear. Again, the 'translation' to software may or may not have been accurately presented.

I had thought about using an example from the book, but it clearly states "All Rights Reserved"

If you take, for example, a Census Record and go to Chapter 6, QuickCheck Models, there are at least 21 models. But if you look at the QuickCheck pages, you can define the Elements that Elizabeth Shown Mills should be included. One as a Source List Entry, a First (Full) Reference Note, and any Subsequent (Short) Note.

So, depending on what you are looking at, where you found the information, would drive the data required.

That's just a portion of what might be included. Two specific examples, from other pages in this Wiki, Any NOTES (Research, Evaluation, Conclusion) are not addressed but might (should) be included, and an indication IF an Image of that Source has been included. Such as an image of the census page.

Is that the purpose of this Page?

How will this be done, if the 'source' document has be marked as "All Rights Reserved"?

greglamberson 2010-11-27T11:04:02-08:00
I citation in scholarly genealogy refers mostly to a source. Most of this source information, as well as how to present it, resides in the source entity. As a result, the term citation has had somewhat different meaning when talking about scholarly genealogy then when speaking of a citation in terms of computer data for around a couple of decades or more.

My current question in light of other discussions, is can this citation information in a database, referring back to the source, actually be combined with information about the evidence it refers to in a source?
hrworth 2010-11-27T11:19:52-08:00

Sorry, I don't understand the question. What do you mean by Citation and what do you mean by Evidence?

Is not the Reference Note, pretty close to a Citation? IF not, what is the difference to you?

I am not a scholarly genealogist. I am a user of a program and am trying to understand ESM's book. I know what my software has done. Its output, is pretty close to the Full Reference Note in Evidence Explained! It is to be a 'Citation' and appears at EndNotes.

The date in the "EndNotes" are what is expected to be passed along through a BetterGEDCOM file. It is today, in the existing GEDCOM. That's not to say if its right or wrong.

greglamberson 2010-11-27T12:10:15-08:00
By citation I refer to what is currently in a citation entry within an event entity in a computer database. This information includes a link to the source, locating information in that source, and a free-form note relevant to the linking event.

The term "Reference Note" (ESM EE p. 828)refers to something akin to a citation, but this is another term entirely and is not equivalent to the note field in a database's citation.

An "endnote," (ESM EE p. 822) another term closely related to scholarly genealogy's use of the term "citation," contains information in both the source and the citation entry in a database. Getting this information out is almost entirely an issue related to proper definition of a source entity, because that's where problems getting this data out arise.