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(Using an updatable, correctable page to summarize application details about citation level elements. Will start with information from Raymond's slide show and update as more information becomes available.)

Would be great if those with access to these programs could improve upon the list....

PAF5.2 AncestralQuest12.1 FTM2009 TMG7 Legacy7 RootsMagic4Beta Reunion FamilyHistorian

PAF 5.2

Collectively called "Citation Detail"
Fields for
(1) Film/volume/page numer
(2) Date Record was made
(3) Comments
(4) Actual Text
(5) Image

Ancestral Quest 12.1

Collectively called "Citatin Detail"
(1) Vol/Page/Film#
(2) Entry Date
(3) Quality
(4) Reference
(5) Actual Text
(6) Comments
(7) Image/Multimedia
(8) Applies to radio button (Date/Place/Both/Event)

FTM 2009

?(1) Reference
(2) Citation Detail
(3) Citation Text
[much of the screenshot was covered ... above are the parts I could make out)

TMG v7

(1) Citation Detail (can be split into 10 sections with the use of "splitters") referred to in templates as "[CD]" (if split as "[CD1]," "[CD2]," "[CD3]")
(2) Citation Memo ((can be split into 10 sections with the use of "splitters"), referred to in templates as "[CM]."
(3) Reference
(4) Surety
(5) Multimedia
(6) Reminder (does not export to GEDCOM)

Legacy 7 Deluxe

(1) Source Detail (GJ-I find this to be "Detail Information"--a template/group of fields that varies by source type*)
(2) Text (option to include or exclude)
(3) Comments (option to include or exclude)
(3) Multimedia
(4) Surety Level
(5) Recorded Date
(6) File ID
*The fields for an 1820 U.S. census were: Jurisdiction City; Roll; Page; Line; ID of Person; Date Accessed. For death certificate, the fields were: Certificate type; Certificate No.; Certificate Year; ID of Person.

RootsMagic 4 (beta)

(1) Page
Help!! Do the options available change by source type?


(1) Detail
Help ...

FamilyHistorian 4

Note - uses GEDCOM 5.5. as its native file format.
These are the values accessible through the "Sources pane", seen at the side of the form for the value of an assertion. At the top of the "source pane" is a list of the source records that justify the value of this assertion. Select one of those, and you can input the following values for this assertion / source record combination.
(1) Entry Date
(2) Assessment (drop down list set to Unreliable, Questionable, Secondary, Primary. Actual values on file set to 1, 2, 3 or 4)
(3) Where within (e.g. page or whatever is helpful)
(4) Text from
(5) Note

Also, it is possible to set:
(6) Event type responsible & Role in Event
(7) Multimedia Object (a link)
But these items are not easily visible.


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