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DevelopersMeeting Notes 2012-01-16 (Jan 16)

Attending: Andy H., Christine E., Geir T., GeneJ, [Matt Brown J], Robert Burkhead, Roger Moffat, Tamura Jones, Tony Proctor

OooO. It was about 59 minutes of BLISS!

Matt Brown—you “arrived,” we chatted; perhaps one day we’ll find out just how that happened.

ITEM: RootsTech - Status (Robert)
Two items-
(a) “About” BetterGEDCOM
(b) Sources and Citations
Third—Andy is getting the folks talking on the wiki
Andy: Blogger Radio. Myrt will be there. Randy will be on.

Louis Kessler has confirmed; he will be attending.
Follow up: Andy will let us know if the international folks will have some opportunity to view.

ITEM: Draft of UK Magazine Article on Google Docs (Tony) - Status
Name/Domain & Front page
Tony “would like to send it off this week.” We should confirm our "landing page" with specific content.

ITEM: Wiki layout - Status
Robert described his review of Media Wiki and Tiki Wiki. We mentioned there is a thread on the current wiki about this topic. (See the link, above.)

ITEM: STEMMA [Follow up] (Tony)
STEMMA+Model (pdf download from this link)
http://www.parallaxview.co/familyhistorydata/ (off site representation)
(GJ adds, The internal links and references functioning; no small effort on Tony's part.)
Check it out!

ITEM: Sources and Citations - Status
Threads are good, but we need user requirements documented.
More on this next week in term of RootsTech materials.

ITEM: Dallan's De Facto Model and open-source parser
They are on the RootsTech Schedule
Friday, 11:00 Open Source Parcer (Dallan and Ryan)
Thursday, Open Source Place Finder (Dallan and Ryan)

ITEM: Personal Names Draft Standard - Status
Defer to next week; Neil not with us today.

ITEM: DTO Documents [follow up] (Andy)
Yes, there have been long hours.

OOOoOO. Comments from the floor. Open Mic!!!
  1. Christine: --
  2. Geir: Priorities
  3. Matt & Tamura: RootsTech – Get folks interested in the project
  4. Robert: Good
  5. Roger: Get the priorities
  6. Tony: See above.
  7. Andy --- [GJ Awwwww. My fault.]

Submitted by: GeneJ. Comments and corrections welcome.