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MEETING January 23, 2012

Attending: Andy H., Christine E., Geir T., GeneJ, Grady Parks, Louis Kessler, Robert B., Roger Moffat, Tamura Jones.

Next week, many of our regular participants will be traveling, but this meeting “will go on.”
BetterGEDCOM will become a project sponsored by the new Family History Information Standards Organisation. Please follow FHISO on Twitter = @fhisorg

INTRODUCTIONS - Grady Parks, Welcome!

ITEM: RootsTech - Status (Robert)
--DTO materials
--Sources & Citation Panel
--Unconferencing session about “FHISO, sponsors of the BetterGEDCOM project”
--Get together

ITEM: Draft of UK Magazine Article on Google Docs (Tony) - Status
Draft submitted; editor quite pleased.

ITEM: Sources and Citations - Status
Have begun an updated requirements list.
Have also begun a shorter presentation style summary .

ITEM: Wiki layout - Status
Tony: Might we change the emphasis from so many discussions (which can not be backed up) to green/white papers. Tony to add this to the next meeting agenda.

ITEM: STEMMA [Follow up] (Tony)
STEMMA+Model (pdf download from this link)
http://www.parallaxview.co/familyhistorydata/ (off site representation)
Tony and Geir exchanged ideas/thoughts.

ITEM: Dallan's De Facto Model and open-source parser
Reminder that Dallan/Ryan will be presenting this at RootsTech. Watch for it!
Louis, see also Open Source Parser; http://gedcom-parse.sourceforge.net

ITEM: Personal Names Draft Standard - Status
Neil was out today; more to come on this as work on the DTO transitions.

ITEM: DTO Documents [follow up] (Andy)
We took a look at maps and project tables ... OOoO, and the Organisation Chart, too.

Open Mic:
Andy-Wiki mail for help wanted? This should go on an agenda for discussions.
Christine-Calendar moving into busy schedule
Geir Thorud-Will be working on current topics; sources and citations; Tony’s list
Grady Parks-plans on participating more
Louis- Won’t be here next week. Likes the organisational work; please watch for a Behold demo area at RT2012.
Robert Burkhead—looking forward to RT2012
Roger Moffat-Map (yeah!) and Twitter = @fhisorg
Tamura-hello. The man with the “S” Will be hoping to scoop RootsTech.
Tony-Green/White paper; Society of Genealogists in UK; DOI Organization.

Meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m. (pst). Including open mic session, the meeting lasted 1 hour and 10 mins. TY all!
Submitted by GeneJ. Corrections and additions welcome.