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Attendance: Andy, Geir, GeneJ, Holly, Robert B., Roger M, Tamura Jones, Tony Proctor, Louis Kessler

FHISO has rec’d about 17 requests for applications. (7 Feb 2012 late breaking news ... well north of 30 now)
Positive response from BSI (“British Standards Institute”); Association of Professional Genealogists (“APG”).

Holly Walker, welcome.


ITEM: RootsTech - Wrap up (Attendees)

Louis (GeneJ said…) – blog captures some of his energy and excitement
Louis said – Developers need to show things that work. RootsTech expressed a vision with lots of promise.
Tamura – has been following the blogs … looking for some vendor action on GEDCOMX
Roger – watched many of the live streaming; from a distance, seemed it went well
Andy – successful conference; FS working to become more open; seem sincere in desire for street cred
Geir – FHISO went from zero to 100 in a couple of days. Much new technology coming along that is going to be exciting. GEDCOMX (for later discussion). Good impression.
Robert – Enjoyed the presentations he was able to attend. Saw both of Ryan Heaton’s day one presentations. Excellent presentation. Josh’s presentation—Robert hopes Josh’s slides will be available. Myrt was particularly helpful in introductions. Meetings held with any number of constituents.

ITEM: FHISO Slide Presentation (Robert Burkhead, FHISO Acting Chair)

(FHISO Powerpoint presentation)

ITEM: GEDCOMX (Robert and Geir) and GEDCOMX - FHISO discussions (Robert)

FHISO should invite Ryan and FS to make a presentation about GEDCOMX.
When would Ryan be invited? Robert and Geir to further advance on timing.

ITEM (added item) – some very good news

Reported about FHISO - Foundation Group document status

White paper/green paper

Adjournment at 12:50 MST
Submitted by GeneJ. Additions and corrections welcome.