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Meeting held Mar 5 2012

Corrections or additions welcome.

Attendance: Andy, Geir, GeneJ, Gordon Clarke, Louis Kessler, Nick Matthews, Robert Burkhead, Roger Moffat, Tony Proctor


Brett -- From down under ... welcome to the group.

ITEM: ANSI Webinar Schedule (GJ)

ITEM: GJ report/follow up on BetterGEDCOM topics
Andy - Part of the problem are new pages being set up.
Work to preserve the valuable content in a way that allows it to be useful as we move forward.
Louis-has a template in mind, would require little modification of the Requirements Catalog tables.
Brett-Wiki should be a reference wiki; forums should be used for discussions.
See Geir, comment below
GeneJ to gather ideas and members to work and advance this idea.

(a) Andy - what happens if we set up a sister reference wiki?
(b) Brett - Status of the wiki usage. Outreach
(c) Geir - In addition to summarizing (Requirements Catalog); should also identify things that are independent of other requirements = the CORE and then identify the part that can be separated from the core for advance work.
(d) Louis - Wider involvement by new members; FHISO filing, etc.; others watching. Stanczyk (C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon)
http://mikeeliasz.wordpress.com = a noteworthy blog.
(e) Nick - are there any programs out there that function as evidence and conclusion models. Robert = some model needs to support the transfer of the evidence and conclusion models and then there are software programs that support the features of this model. Neither today fully support this.
(f) Robert - FHISO ... will have some announcements this week. Repeat the call for assistance re-GeneJ post.
(g) Roger = welcome back ...
(h) Tony = see his comments intermingled.
(i) Louis ... Another person he'd like to see get involved is: Tim Forsythe (Ancestors Now): http://ancestorsnow.com/press/news.php and also
Person #3: John Ralls of GRAMPS: http://gramps.1791082.n4.nabble.com/template/NamlServlet.jtp?macro=user_nodes&user=133349
(j) GeneJ - Wanted to bring up the top heavy concern and discuss this. (We did)
How will the FHISO Code of Conduct be implemented on the BetterGEDCOM wiki? (GJ) = will take this discussion off line.

Next meeting Next Monday, same place. Caution = US changes clock this Sunday. Other parts of the world change clocks later. Europe may change two weeks hense.
Submitted by: GeneJ