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Note: For the next several weeks, different parts of the world will be changing their clocks. We always hope these changes do not overly inconvenience our members around the globe.

Attendance: Andy H., Geir T., GeneJ, Robert B., Roger M.

ITEM: Requirements Catalog template
--TY - Louis Kessler has contributed work to update the template being used in the Requirements Catalog. Concluding that effort needs to be coordinated with the other two items on today’s wiki.
--Should GEDCOMX/GenContent or other external references be added?
--Sub-topic list comments—nice and short. Inability to add tags to discussions is an overall issue.
--Suggested that for any given topic in the catalog, the first link be to a relevant updated summary page. (As above and below--coordinate with nav bar and topical pages).
--Geir: Raised issues of both priority and interest.
--General discussion about the “Why” addition. Good addition, but perhaps this should be links to topic-specific gedcom discussions on the wiki (or elsewhere) rather than have the requirements catalog stimulate “gedcom/why/vendor/user” discussions.

ITEM: Navigation Bar changes
--Many thanks to Brett for assistance with this ongoing effort.
--Purpose of the changes: (1) First step to creating relevant and topical Nav Bar. The Requirements Catalog leads with the topical areas toward the center (data models, research process, sources & citations, etc.). Each lead page on the Nav Bar should eventually contain the topical summaries discussed as a separate agenda item. The Requirements Catalog template proposed has links too. Links should not go in two places.
--Overviewed the specific changes to other than the topical pages.
--Discussed the existing topical pages. See the next agenda item.
--Those following every change on the wiki received notification spam. FYI, Wikispaces does not provide a way for manages to suspend notifications, even for brief times (ala, there is no “maintenance” button option).
--Separately Updated (FYI broadcast). The translations widget has been placed on the nav bar itself. This widget can now be removed from individual pages in the ordinary course of other work.

ITEM: GJ report/follow up on BetterGEDCOM topics
--Discussed topical section of the Nav; general plans for this area/these items. Input from FHISO expected.

ITEM: Q & A/Wrap up
Andy: Use of tags on pages should be encourages. Inability to add tags to discussion topics and discussion posts probably contributes to this underutilized feature.
GeneJ: Follow up on the “Tools” page
Andy/Roger Follow up on the Nav Bar and BG Member pages

Meeting adjourned 10:52 am (Pacific Time)
Contributed by: GeneJ. Additions and corrections welcome.