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Attending: Andrew H., Gordon C., Roger M., Tamura J; GeneJ


ITEM: Report/follow up on BetterGEDCOM topics (GJ)

ITEM: Your Family History article by Tony Proctor (GJ)
“Building a BetterGEDCOM” is the title of the 3-page article.
Follow-up: BG Wiki, FHISO Blog, etc.

Item: (adhoc) ER model and Reference model for GEDCOM (GJ)
Follow-up needed

Item: (ad hoc) Living History (G. Clarke)

Item: (ad hoc) Persistent identifiers/informative URLs (GeneJ)
Follow up: Anyone interested in authoring or co-authoring a short pc. on this, please contact GeneJ.
I'd like to see highlighted the FamilySearch PAL and Ancestry’s 1940 URL (publication and roll number).

Wrap-up/General discussions
New Dutch genealogy book. Check out Tamura’s review:

SWAG …. Did T suggest coffee cups? :-)

Meeting opened: 10:06 MST; Meeting adjourned: 11:11 MST
Submitted by GeneJ; corrections or additions welcome.


louiskessler 2012-04-09T20:58:54-07:00
Missed Meeting
I waited for the meeting to start until about 12:15 CST and then I got called away (for lunch actually). You must have started just after I left and I must have just missed it.

Sorry I didn't think to try again after lunch. I'll try to join in on my next Monday off work.