31 Jan 2011 Developers Meeting


New Voting procedures
Since so few people turned out to vote for our first proposal, we have worked hard on a mechanism for keeping our votes open, yet actually accomplishing something. The following was agreed today:

There was discussion about who is a qualified voter. It was decided BetterGEDCOM wikispaces participants read the agenda, and by not attending the Developers Meeting is agreeing to go by what is decided there.

What to do when DearMYRTLE isn't here
A short introductory discussion about recent health challenges, and Myrt's opinion that BetterGEDCOM needs another strong moderator in her absence, was met with the suggestion that the other two organizers might step up to the plate. No further discussion or resolution.

Things tabled from before:

GOAL #5 (Internationalization)

"Goal 5 BetterGEDCOM supports recording of information about real life in an open-ended set of cultures, countries, time periods and belief systems. It should not be biased towards any one of these." Passed.

Before Tamura reminded us of specifics versus "goals"

BetterGEDCOM should have the following encoding and syntax characteristics:
  1. Use an XML-based syntax not agreed.
  2. Use Unicode character set agreed in UTF-8 encoding, and optionally support other encoding schemes of Unicode – agreed
    see: message/view/GOALS/32199100