14 February 2011 Developers Meeting

Sandy – open standards session. 1 hour listing standards. Google was there requesting to work with vendors to open for indexing.
· Inconsistent search
· Rich media
· Privacy
· 2nd hour – “soft announcement” CTO FS Tom Creighton Intellectual rights to “SORD” re: ownership of “GEDCOM” making it an ISO group.
Ancestry Insider looked at Tom “You understand I am donning blogger hat.”
Object model JSON or XML, Source code ready to present.
· FSDN is part of newFS, API group has different object model.
· SORD is not part of FSDN, Tom Creighton spoke on this goal to make it open source, but with heavy presence.
Tamura points there were 2 references. Thurs not put up on un-conferencing board. Sat sessions “Open Standards Meeting.”
TAMURA: SORD = Source Record Data
Invite Tom Creighton to next BetterGEDCOM Developers’ Meeting.
RootsTech webinars: $10 per session (Roger) free ones as well.
Family Village WVR (FamilyLink)
· Only exact date permitted.
· A document that names your ancestor is required before next level can be attained.
Tom Wetmore: 2 gorillas - Ancestry & FamilySearch
Once one set its standard, must the rest of us cave?
We don’t want to cave.
Tamura: multiple models, no special treatment. `