BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting Notes

HOME Moderator: DearMYRTLE
Geir: how about bullets at the bottom of the page for those not covered by a moderator.
GeneJ: rearrange the nav bar, Move Meetings & goals up higher.
Meetings – up higher done
Remove “top contributors” done.

Comparisons Moderator: unassigned
There is a link to
Data Models Moderator: unassigned
Possibly combining? Regarding merging Comparisons & Data models should Shortcomings of GEDCOM be on the nav bar.
The spreadsheet is at: goes better on Data Models
The Blog should be cross-referenced to the “what’s wrong with GEDCOM page.”

Definitions Moderator: ttwetmore

EE & GPS Support Moderator: GeneJ
Classification of genealogy software
Pat – RootsMagic
Pat – Ancestral Quest
Pat – PAF
Russ – FTM?
PUT on HOME PAGE: Application+overview
Possible classification systems:
· Type A, B, C, D rather than ranking system.
· Descriptions might be:
templates that are flexible
Tamura: Programs that came close to Evidence! Citations and Analysis for the Family Historian by Elizabeth Shown Mills:
RootsIII was the first program
Roots IV
Untimate Family Tree
RootsMagic 1,2,3
Then Evidence Explained was published and the following programs came close:
Legacy 7
RootsMagic 4
FTM 2009 (in one of the service packs)

GeneJ requests that all moderators have Evidence Explained. And asked that we ask ESM or GPC for 10 copies of digital version.
Geir found 1 copy of the book in Norway through his library.

Is BetterGEDCOM concerned with file transfer or software compliance with EE?

Goals Co-Moderators: gthorud and AdrianB38
Adrian working on introduction to goals.
Geir - Is there a need to saving info about places, would it be useful to have an identifier to link to a database about that place? Germans have historic place database.
Are there public databases like this in the US? In Germany, the database lists what is the superior area of a place, subordinate. Description of, maps, boundaries. In Norway there are databases to find public info about who currently owns that place at the moment.
Roger – Wikipedia.The Next Generation of Genealogy Software – has add on to show the link to Wikipedia page about that place. Legacy has a database of the historical location. Ani-Map.
Geir – in the beginning of outside databases, there will be more. Consider adding identifiers.
Meetings Moderator: DearMYRTLE
Geir: Meeting log not posted on 28 March 2011 Organizers Meeting