Developers Meeting Notes
2 May 2011

ITEM: Michael's Proposed "Rules & Guidelines"

Myrt: Nature of volunteers
Geir: Page Structure
Geir: Prioritizing (timelines may not be useful.)
OFFICIAL DRAFT” (the result of one voting round)

A concept from another setting used the “CARE” Concept.
C: create – creates idea and brings to group
A: advance – advance and document – transparent process so everyone sees what’s happening. When it is happy, then it is given to another group to tear it apart – as desired. Get things resolved.
R: Refine When that is done, documented. Returns to the
E: Execute
Voting isn’t appropriate until refined stage.
Parts of the wiki may not need this [intensive review.]
Myrt: When ideas are not accepted by the group, people elect to leave. How do we bridge that gap?

ITEM: Snapshots of pages: See How to Old discussions about a page makes no sense to the reader if the page has changed a lot. We might recommend the creation of a snapshot before substantial changes are made to a page. [discussion]

ITEM: Reports from moderators: