BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
16 May 2011


GEIR: Doc about FamilySearch “standard” announced SORD. Issues are privacy, what about bankruptcies? We don’t have our own storage that can import into several programs. Minimum common denominator what about importing data into a program that doesn’t support that data. Popular programs could set the standard for new features.
ROGER: Standalone version $30-40 very desirable for end-user to end user.

TMG GeneJ in Parallels, found ease for export of data to Word on Mac. with Tamura’s comments:

FTM 2011 and 2012
GEIR: posted document to sum up discussions on E & C area, also contains essential, administration, citations and sources. Need document to collect from discussions, so we can see them in context. FLOW CHART See: [[file/view/E&C with Evidence - permutations.pdf/228654708/E&C with Evidence - permutations.pdf|E&C with Evidence - permutations.pdf]] and also [[message/list/Defining E&C for BetterGEDCOM|Defining E&C for BetterGEDCOM]] message. May probably store Gentech (?) or NFamilySearch data as well.
GEIR: work of late…
1. Document about a week ago summarizing citation style language basis for GeneJ’s recommended Zotero program.
2. Another document – future picture with functionality of eg. Zotero.
3. Document for citation records – including citation style, templates for rendering of citations, records carrying citation data.

GENEJ – Zotero – citations, media, pull details of a website. Functions seamlessly with MSWord now at the moment. Pulls essential info re: sources

GEIR: Zotero currently support about 50 citation elements used in sciences except genealogy versus Evidence Explained 500-600 citation elements. Is it possible to generalize the citations in EE and perhaps get down to a [manageable] number. The crucial thing is boiling down EE. A qualifer which would go together with this general citation element indicating eg. EE type.