20 June 2011

GeneJ: Activity on the wiki has progressed. Focus:
The logic that will be recorded will never get you to “the best evidence” – into one person. There is a gap between where the information is, and where current software. Evidence, conclusion and biography person – 3 styles.

Today’s software permits recording of conclusions and publish biographies.

Make standards for what current genealogy programs do, but do differently. Then set standards for how to do it – all can comply.
Do we want a better format – or do we want better research methods? Stick with better format.

Ancestor Sync and GenBridge (MyHeritage+)

If we don’t have standards, we won’t have online citations.

ITEM: Has BetterGEDCOM addressed "died in Y"--subject of The Ancestry Insider blog post, "The Gretna Green for Death? Why Y"