Monday, 27 June 2011 Meeting Notes.

Humble attempt follows.

Item 1: Dovy (AncestorSync):
Welcome and introduction.
AncestorSync has been working for 9 years on the current technology.
Stand-alone converter possibly would conflict with the very reason why existing developers are working with AncestorSync.

AncestorSync they accesses the application data at the application level.
BG comment - Sounds like this lowers the barrier to implement a BG standard. Just lowers, doesn’t eliminate.
Geir – Example. Say BG developed a Multimedia transfer standard, how would AncestorSync work with this BG transfer standard?
Discussion of the unique focus (AncestorSync and BetterGEDCOM).

Item 2: Current BG discussion thread (future direction)

Much discussion about the different perspectives. We are a small group of wiki-ites, so that it is better for us if we can maintain a focus through an understanding of one topic before moving on to other topics. Core of current work is Adrian’s effort on Research Process, Evidence & GPS. This is work in process. The next topic for BetterGEDCOM focus will likely be sources and citations. Geir hopes his follow up and advanced work on this topic will be ready for prime time in two weeks or so.

Question--What are the shorter-term “concrete” agenda items?
  1. Geo locator
  2. Research log
  3. Sources/Citations
  4. Host of items in the BG requirements catalog.

Discussion mostly about (1) and especially (3), as the topic Sources and Citations has both short-term and long-term features/benefits.

Dovy and Geir exchanged many thoughts on this topic. Dovy--shared some short-term and long-term perspectives; provided observations from his insight about perspective of both scholars and software developers. Geir-earlier documents are posted on the wiki (scroll to the heading "Online Citation" in the lower half of that page for the files "Summary of Citation Style Language ..." and "From repository meta data to ..." ). Very generally discussed between Dovy and Geir.

Discussion--Why would developers even be interested in a BetterGEDCOM standard for sources and citations?

Dovy-the desktop application shines in this source and citation area. (Home playing field.)

Question-Why doesn’t Zotero work on all websites when the data is available (author, title, dates, etc.)

Item 3 Wrap up
Did not have time to discuss scientific genealogy or "died in Y"--will move to next agenda.

Discussion-What makes BetterGEDCOM unique?
International in scope, skilled technological focus with real user participation. Independent and open.

FamilySearch is in advanced stages, BetterGEDCOM’s relevance depends on getting a version 1.0 developed.