BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
11 July 2011

ITEM: Future of BetterGEDCOM?
Myrt: BG is setting standards, especially with work in the Requirements Catalog. AncestorSync is facilitating functionality. RootsTech is developing a GEDCOM revision. OpenGen seems dead in the water.
Dovy: AS is willing to support the BG standards [if there is a BG]
GeneJ: Being well-vetted is essential.
1. Proposal to person-centric in first version of BetterGEDCOM.
2. Continue to work on citations for later version.
3. Continue to work on evidence/proof model for future version.
2 properties needed – 1 is not too different from GEDCOM so vendors will accepts and secondly it is worth doing.

Louis & Dovy – Project Creep
Tamura – look at Requirements Catalog and set which belong in which version.
GeneJ – some recognition/consensus of what doesn’t work now.
Dovy – Making decisions now is not the end of BetterGEDCOM, but it the beginning of BetterGEDCOM itself.

Tamura – BetterCitations is appreciation of the work GeneJ has done, and placing it in a subsequent version of BetterGEDCOM is realizing the importance. Non-controversial suggestions are found at the BetterGEDCOM Requirements Catalog. Users can prioritize but programmers can state what is possible.

Dovy – Being passionate about a point is good, but if BetterGEDCOM dies, then you work here can die.