BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
18 July 2011
Moderator – DearMYRTLE
Myrt: Commends members of BetterGEDCOM for high level of commitment to the project, even to the taking of time to alert the team members when family member illness preclude more active participation.
SURVEY will be released today. The purpose is to cut the BetterGEDCOM end-product into manageable parts, taking into account changes in the industry such as the emergence of AncestorSync. GeneJ and Andy will have access to the Survey Monkey so it can be discussed at the next meeting when Myrt will not be in attendance.
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GeneJ – Wants us to complete the overview we began and believes same is the best use of our limited resources. (Reference, April 11, 2011 meeting.)
Dovy – Module programming – holders so it doesn’t object oriented approach means that the work in one module doesn’t affect the other until the implementation stage.
Christine E – What about standard?
Dovy – different modules… such as:
Tamura GEDCOM 5.6 has an XML variant – vendors said we have working code for XML. If you switch to XML, we (the vendors) have to do everything from scratch.
Andy – Don’t think we need to set a standard since the invention of AncestorSync. Can we get them to the table to agree on the template for citations?
Why aren’t citations just a standard call-out to a central citation database that all sites could reference?
Question of Dovy: What’s missing in AncestorSync?

Research logs are missing from implementation in AncestorSync.
International Standards not fully addressed.
GeneJ – the Research log is overviewed in the Requirements Catalog by Geir.
GeneJ - If we use Mills’ work exclusively, we are not following her advice to apply the principles to the circumstances we confront in our work.

Myrt: Mills isn’t strong for international source citations.
Roger: If we can distill a standards like “privacy” down to something a vendor can adopt. If it comes from BG then we can
“He is chasing only the standard, not every other vendor.” Currently TNG has to support importing different geo-location data formats from GEDCOM because Legacy and RootsMagic handle it differently.
Dovy – BG is looking at how to map the standards so the big boys can adopt it. AncestorSync is good for mapping current, but not international standards –
GeneJ - It isn’t just language, it is true functionality of software, international application of definition of fields. Given names and farm names (Andy), location data (Geir and GeneJ),
Dovy – can you fix the BG standards so vendors will follow.
GEDCOM – functional transfer of data
What is happening
Where do you want to go?
What can be done cause?

CHRISTINE – will rephrase her suggestion about privacy of living individuals so it applies to GEDCOM or sharing partial family trees, plus choosing which fields you wish to share.

RESIZING the WIKI’s text entry box.
SAFARI 3+, Chrome, Firefox permits the resizing of a data entry box.