Developers Meeting
8 Aug 2011

GEDCOM Validator – checks to see if a GEDCOM output is compliant with a GEDCOM file format.

GeneJ – Working on Gier’s material. Created fake wiki to outline a collaboration effort.

GeneJ - Need to translate. Privately held items: manuscript collections, accessibility

Geir – alternatives possibly in parallel
  1. Citations – will occupy all the time that GeneJ and Geir have and perhaps Adrian
  2. If we table the other GEDCOM work, do we then contact the others to see if they have concrete proposals for how to continue with other work. (Could others work on something else for example.)

Andy – Have people write proposal on what they would like to see happen with GEDCOM. Then we decide WHICH is easiest, then accomplish it. Then go to the next one, and work through the list.

GeneJ – We worked on various parts of Geir’s document with specific source types, classes, universal classes vs county-specific classes.

Roger – archiving capability of GEDCOM rather than just sharing. Also consider GEDCOM to transfer to a different genealogy program if that program does better reports, etc.

Dovy – everything that goes through AncestorSync is private – yours alone to remove.

Are other members of BetterGEDCOM willing to work on the file transfer challenges in an open concept in parallel, while GeneJ and Geir focus more on Citations.

What about standards for metadata in archives?