BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
22 Aug 2011

ITEM: Request from Earl Mott of AncestorSync – tabled for further consideration.

ITEM: Louis Kessler is in the room.
Repository source separate from E & C. Perhaps propose a simple GEDCOM-like to gen societies, libraries, archives. Get volunteers to do this and post on that society, library or archive site.

Gier has same concerns as Louis, and this topic discussed in requirements catalog. It made him change his mind about evidence and conclusion. The feature Louis is talking about is more important than linking as Tom has been advocating for a long time. If we look at Geir’s E&C document he tried to make a solution for both options. One reason he is interested in evidence is that he has ½ million records transcribed, and he would like to be able to get those records into his genealogy program and he wants a way to lead them to the conclusion part (what he has in his genealogy program). That is also important that he can go through his records and see what records have actually been utilized. He worked on parish records for one farm, has transcribed the records. What he would do then is put in information in the “conclusion” part of a genealogy program.

Would it be possible to discuss more about this initiative?

Andy – why not post at RootsWeb/ message boards?

Why not work with Internet Archives?

ITEM: An architecture for sources > Standardized Metdata and Reference Management Software Concepts Not necessary to rehash. It is presented on the wiki.

ITEM: [[message/list/An architecture for sources, reference notes and bibliographies|An architecture for sources, reference notes and bibliographies|An architecture for sources, reference notes and bibliographies]] message posted

re: High level Universal Source Type Classes

Gene - re the proposed list of "High level Universal Source Type Classes".

Adrian says "I think I'm having a hard time in understanding why some of those merit their own Source Type Class. For instance, why should a Passport (including application) be considered so radically different from a US Social Security Application (say)? Certainly, the applications are both, well, applications. Both come from central government. (Actually, if you want to be picky, the passport application is much closer to the Social Security application, than it is to the passport itself, because both are held by central government, whereas the passport itself might be.... Anywhere, I guess.... In similar fashion- why would "Dissertation, Thesis" be different from "Manuscript"? Go down a level or two into detail and it may be so but at the top level?"

IITEM: Reports from moderators:

Gier says Adrian is ready to go.