BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
29 August 2011

1. Organizers Meeting change. Functionality issues with the wiki will be addressed immediately following a regularly scheduled Developers Meeting, and not held in a separate organizers meeting later in the day. Any issues not resolved via WikiSpaces email to the organizers in the Proposed Agenda portion of the Developers Meeting Page.

2. Organizational Structure change. BetterGEDCOM organizers, authorized to permit membership to the wiki, archive the wiki and host meetings, include DearMYRTLE, Andy_Hatchett and gthorud.

INTRODUCTIONS (of all attendees)

ITEM: Request from Earl Mott of AncestorSync - changed from request to collaborate with AncestorSync, a commercial product to collaborate with an open standards initiative. Approved the following text:

BetterGEDCOM is an independent group of end users and software developers working toward the next generation of open standards for communicating genealogy information electronically. BetterGEDCOM believes that open standards are the way forward. We welcome to the effort to develop a widely supported international model for source citations.

ITEM: Request for BetterGEDCOM v .9 by 30 September 2011. – not discussed.