Developers Meeting
9 Oct 2011

Christine, Geir, GeneJ, Roger, Tamura, Andy, DearMYRTLE.
Dovy not present. Congrats on the birth of his son Lincoln.
ITEM: Report on
Geir: FYI, I have posted some comments here

ITEM: Review of Non-Profit suggestion.
ACTION: None taken.

ITEM: “New GEDCOM” - RootsTech 2012
Geir: Is BG missing the next big train in "Gedcom standardisation"? - cf. Rootstech 2012 announcements.
Myrt: Are you referring to ?
This is GEDCOMx
GeneJ: SORD was discussed and is mentioned in BetterGEDCOM meeting minutes dated 14 Feb 2011
New gedcom (how to produce and consume it)
Ryan Heaton
New gedcom (what it is, what's it's scope, how is the project managed and maintained?)
Ryan Heaton
ACTION ITEM: We invited FS to join with us and we will invite them again.