BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
7 Nov 2011

Geir Thorud, GeneJ Composer, Robert Burkhead, Tamura Jones, Wesley Johnston, Andy Hatchett, Pat Richley. Absent by notice: Dovy

Monday 31 Oct 2011 Meeting Notes

ITEM: Update about Membership Survey
ACTION: Report accepted

ITEM: Update about Indexing of Wiki Pages
DISCUSSION: Re-indexing is done. Date order – newly named pages have redirects to the original.

ITEM: Combining Louis and Tom’s programs, or give end-user the option.
DISCUSSION: What is the common ground between these two programs?
Tom – automatic combination of individuals. Need a 1-page document to flesh out a possible merging of Tom and Louis's views. What are the agreements in the beginning including a description of the goal.
ACTION: ? to contact Tom and Louis

ITEM: International Sources & Citations
Waiting for SourceTemplates: See former discussions on the wiki:
For the nitty-gritty details:
ACTION: Next week with Andy.

ITEM: BetterGEDCOM at RootsTech2012
DISCUSSION: Meet night before RT at Myrt’s condo in downtown SLC, and regroup via text message each morning, to assure we attend all “GEDCOMy” sessions. Attendees so far: Robert Burkhead, Christine, Myrt.
ACTION: Continue to discuss this each week.

ITEM:Update about "Developing the Organization"
Committee Members: Roger, Andy, Geir, GeneJ and Robert.
Send wiki email to Andy or GeneJ if you wish to join.
DISCUSSION: Are we going to work on standards organization that all vendors will join? What is the role of BetterGEDCOM? Top-down approach. Report from the group:
ACTION: Continue discussion next meeting.


WesleyJohnston 2011-11-08T07:08:44-08:00
After attending my first meeting, I just want to thank those of you who attend these meetings.

The organization is not the glamorous part of what BetterGEDCOM is about. But it is essential if there is to be a broadly accepted authority for establshing a better standard for genealogical computing and for sharing and merging records and the information that we have deduced from them.

These are not thrilling meetings. They are dealing with difficult issues that are mundane or boring for most people. But that does not mean that they are not important. So thanks for what you are doing.
GeneJ 2011-11-08T10:38:11-08:00
...Your comments are appreciated, Wesley. Thank you.--GJ