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Andy Hatchett, Geir Thorud, Roger Moffatt, Tamura Jones, Dovy Paukstys, GeneJ Composer


TMG Users hopeful v8 will be released as early as this week.


ITEM 1: Update about Membership Survey
(not discussed)

ITEM 2: Update about Indexing of Wiki Pages
(not discussed)

ITEM 3: Status update-SourceTemplates (added item)
Dovy P.
Have completed initial work with Legacy materials. Working now to map other EE programs. Will have read and write materials ready shortly to "expose." They are continuing to hold meetings with vendor firms.
Discussion: Legacy approach and technology vs other firms; status/staging of international; EE (2007). Some general discussion about international participation.

ITEM 4: Update-International Sources and Citations
Geir T.
Geir overviewed his developing work to support international and other approaches to documentation and citations. Technical difficulties prevented Geir (perhaps others) from viewing the displayed screens, but some/most were able to view one of his earlier (October) drafts while Geir gave a verbal overview.
Geir plans to post the material to the BetterGEDCOM wiki (will be a couple of days). AncestorSync, among others, will discuss the material more specifically at that time.

ITEM 5: Overview of new FamilySearch (nFS) linked source development (added item)
This brief presentation could be viewed by some as screenshots and some as a live demo. The nFS prototype allows users to link sources to individuals. These are not linked at the assertion level, so they are not "citations" as a footnote or GEDCOM might intend that term. The user accessible entry forms are reasonably basic (title, web address, citation, description and justification). In concept, the justification field is not unlike "I think this is the same person because."
Discussion continued about how some of the fields might ultimately be developed.

ITEM 6: Update about "Developing the Organization" (DTO)
Background information provided for Dovy. DTO Meetings will continue on Wednesday; work progresses in the GoogleGroup. The committee is currently working on Clarke 4. General discussion about international vendors and vendor participation.

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