BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
12 Dec 2011


Andy Hatchett, Geir Thorud, GeneJ, Louis Kessler, Neil Parker, Robert Burkhead, Roger Moffat, Tamura Jones, Tom Wetmore, Tony Proctor.


1. GEDCOM X - Tamura will be releasing a link to the GEDCOM X work on his blog. Folks are welcome to comment on the related Google+ posting he will make.
2. Louis submitted Behold to the RootsTech 2012 developers challenge.


ITEM 1 Invitations
(added topic)
Suggested we invite the GEDCOM X developers to our meeting at such time as they are able to discuss their project. (First week after RootsTech?)

ITEM 2 Wiki Nav Bar/Main Section clean-up

(status topic)
(a) Overviewed Geir’s work on the new “front” page for BetterGEDCOMs work on Sources and Citations.
(b) We need the same “makeover” performed on all other pages linked from the nav bar.
(c) Update on Member/Vendor pages by Andy and GeneJ. Discussed what we will move and develop. We plan to create pages for all those who have been active on the wiki. If members have posted some biographical information on the wiki, we will move the information to the new person page.
(d) Discussion about overall web face for the project/use of domains, etc.

ITEM 3 URN discussion – Tony Proctor

(featured topic)
Link to some of the discussions: Tony's most recent postings here and here.
(Please add links that would be helpful ....)

ITEM 4 A Data Model for Sources and Citations

(status topic)
a. Discussions on the wiki have continued. Different positions have been presented.
b. Wiki Way forward. Effort should be made to summarize where we are wrt to the different solutions. The summaries should include description of whether a full or partial solution is intended (what is being solved).
c. It may be separately helpful to summarize the URN/URI concept. UUID summary might also be needed, but we should have a chance to read the the URN/URI summary first.

Misc notes:
Scope of work; Scope of transfer process; Very small set of examples to use.
UK Census.

ITEM 5 P.R. and Brand

(added topic)
Perspectives from a new member about visibility and our message. Some chicken and egg discussion. Comments about progress towards a model.
Endorsements/vendor endorsements.
Some discussion about difference between the OpenGen and BetterGEDCOM effort.
Need to speak, and speak with a unified voice.

Item 6. DTO Update

(Status topic)
Progress continues. Hope to have a draft of bylaws posted later today.

Open Session/Items for next agenda

a. Who controls the domain, BetterGEDCOM.org. (Roger/Andy) Will require follow up.
b. RootsTech should be added to the next agenda (Robert)
c. Draft standard for personal names, may be ready for discussion next week. (Neil Parker)
d. Status on Source and Citations. Summaries may not be ready, but in progress. (Geir/Tom)
e. P.R. (Tony)
f. Status report on DTO

Meeting ended about 12:30 Pacific (US)
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Next Meeting, 19 Dec 2011, 10 a.m. Pacific (US)