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Andy H., Christine E., Geir T, GeneJ, Neil P., Robert B., Tamura J., Tony P., Roger M.

TMG v8 released
There will be no Developers Meeting next Monday (December 26); it is a holiday in some parts of the world.
There will be DTO meetings Wednesday (December 21) and the following Wednesday (December 28)


ITEM 1: RootsTech (Robert Burkhead)
We should not only consider the 20 minute expo sessions, but also the unconferencing (?1 hour).
We need to affirm who is attending.

ITEM 2: Status update about Source and Citations summaries (see "**A Data Model for Sources and Citations**")
Tom’s proposal, “Sources in DeadEnds”

Geir’s proposal
Geir is working on an extended version of his materials.

It would be helpful to have a small group of examples that could show the different models would transfer the information between programs. Louis is concerned about timely progress. (See the last agenda item.)

ITEM 3: BetterGEDCOM.org domain (follow up)
Myrt has the domain; is working with Andy to consolidate the domains into a single account. Roger approached and has arranged with Gustave (Simply Hosting - http://SimplyHosting.net/ ) for an account.

ITEM 4: Draft Standard for personal names (Neil Parker)
Two documents, both rather lengthy are about complete. Wiki page/navigation bar both ready for content.

ITEM 5: Further thoughts on P.R. (Tony Proctor)
Moved to next agenda

ITEM 6: Update about "Developing the Organization"

ITEM 7: Define a first cut set of Source / SourceDetail / Citation tables in time for RootsTech. (see
and message/view/Sources+and+Citations/48033200#48156020 )
Discussed at some length. Under any of the proposals being considered, the ability to generate a group of Source / SourceDetail / Citation tables in time for RootsTech is more a matter of resources.

Tony PR
Personal Names Draft Standard (Neil Parker)
Source /Citation Proposals (Examples)
Length of Meetings