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I'll have to organize these as we go along.

Part I - Sources and Citations

1. Zotero blogPost graphic/example. Shows how Zotero captured data from a blog article into its item type, "blogPost."

2. Taylor and the Tipton Papers. Example of credit line that did not identify the source.

3. Oh, those Millers. Hazards of assumptions about a reference/source of the source you believe you know but have never seen.

4. The George Ely Russell and his articles about the Firestone family; focus is on journal articles.

5. C from E - The conclusion from evidence dilemma

6. References/Source of the Source/Credit Line. Some examples / discussion about this citation component, frequently found in reference notes.

7. Bib2008 - example of a 2008 software generated bibliography. Excuse the operator errors, please.

Part II - Inferential genealogy / Kinship determination / Proof summaries or articles

1. Sheriff William Preston's identity crisis - this is a series of articles that attempted to describe the evidence related to William Preston; it was generally felt not good material for BetterGECOM
2. One Deed, two deeds, three deeds, four - this article is a key part of the proof identifying the parents of William Preston who married at then Wood County, Ohio, to Asenath Butler in 1820.
3. Honored? Vet? or victim of history? Let's talk - this article spotlights research about "names, dates and places" that ended up on a 2012 tombstone. Ooops. Wrong grave.