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Country: United States (UTC-7 / Arizona, MST)
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Member of the wiki since 10 Oct 2010
Member of DTO; FHISO Organizer


Family Historian since the mid-1990's.


Blog: They Came Before
Google + : GeneJ Composer
FaceBook: GeneJ Composer


BetterGEDCOM Source and Citations
Research Methodology > Goal Oriented Research
Among my favorites is Adrian's "Research Process, Evidence & GPS"
Also, the "Better GEDCOM Requirements Catalog"

Some of my BetterGEDCOM blog articles:
"What is research: Understanding the Kaleidoscope"
"What is research: Working with documents about a c1815 estate"
"What is research: Outlining contents of an American Revolutionary War pension file" <<I see the image links are broken there ... will have to re-set those.

I developed material for substantial case about the evidence-to-conclusion model on my personal blog, as below.
"Sheriff William Preston's identity crisis"