Together with others, we are collaborating on the genealogical research about a Joseph Miller and a Joseph Peter Miller. We want to discover if they are the same man and, regardless of where the research leads us, develop a proof argument about Joseph Peter Miller.

We chose a Wikispaces workspace and started to add documents, etc. this week. As part of the process, we will be posting real world sources, working through real world citations and reference notes. We are sourcing the documents we add, but haven't finished developing the biographical summaries yet.

As we complete the biographical summaries (there are a lot to do), we'll add reference notes. At that point, you'll be able to see how we cited a source and how the reference notes to our summaries "refer back" to those cited sources.

I'll post the updates here as the polish up those summaries. In the mean time, if you want to access some real world work in progress, the link is below:

Wikispaces: Joseph Miller Challenge