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Vendor NAME : LFT (Legacy Family Tree)

Produced by: Millennia Corporation

Current Version: English Versions 7.4


Legacy® is a registered trademark of Millennia Corporation, Surprise, AZ 85374. Multiple language formats include Czech - Released on 31 March 2009; Dansk (Danish) - Released on 28 August 2006; Deutsch (German) - Released on 3 June 2008; Nederlands (Dutch) - Released on 27 August 2007; Norsk - Bokmål Norwegian) - Released on 25 August 2007; Norsk - Nynorsk (Norwegian) - Released on 25 August 2007; and Svenska (Swedish) - Released on 3 June 2008. There are also four versions of English that are all included in the English version of Legacy: English (Australia); English (Canada); English (United Kingdom) and English (USA). English versions of Legacy are currently at version 7.4.


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Andy_Hatchett 2012-02-29T01:02:55-08:00
Legacy Family Tree Discussions

Please limit discussions to how this program handles the importing and exporting of:

2). Sources
3). Citations
4). Evidence
5). Conclusions

Andy Hatchett
WesleyJohnston 2012-02-29T16:25:06-08:00
One of the things that I find very annoying about Legacy Family Tree imports of GEDCOM files is that if the GEDCOM used BAPM instead of CHR, the default is that Legacy ignores all baptismal information. This is particularly bad on really old records, since baptism is the only information that you have (i.e. no birthdate information), so that you wind up with all of your imported records having no information at all about when they were born or baptized. They do have a box you can check, if you know where it is ... it is NOT on the main import screen, so that you are not even aware of this problem until you have imported the file and seen all the emptiness where data should be. They should at least put such a critical life-event option in plain sight. But I think the default should be that the conversion is checked and not that they ignore all the baptismal data on an import.

I realize that this is a current GEDCOM issue that may not be an issue in BetterGEDCOM, but this really strange decision about handling a crucial life-event seems very poorly done in LFT ... which is unusual, since the product is really quite good overall.