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gthorud 2011-03-04T12:34:56-08:00
Proposed revision of Goals and Requirements Catalog
Adrian and Geir propose the following changes

The Goal page should be changed into a “store front” for the requirements page. It will state the overall goal (one). The rest of the page will contain a number of high level “requirements” that should or could be satisfied by BG. Since the purpose is to give the reader an overview of what could be possible by developing a BG file format, the information on this page does not necessarily (at least not at this stage) reflect the status of the decision process. It will describe what is discussed, not only what has been agreed. It will depend on a Home page describing the overall effort (but not listing to many requirements). The page will try not to use BG specific terminology. When there are firm decisions on high level requirements, the page should be updated. There should be no discussions on this page, discussion takes place on the Requirements Catalog page.

A new Requirements Catalog Index page will be created. It will be the entry point to the Req-Cat. It will list the Title of every requirement. It will be grouped according to the current grouping on the current Req-Cat, and have a link to the first Req in each group. There will be no discussions on this page.

It is expected that the Req-Cat could grow a lot if a number of detailed (small) requirements are added – it is impossible to control what is entered on the page. If the page grows to more than 3-5 times the current size, it will be difficult to edit. It will then be necessary to create a second page for new entries – so requirements from a group of requiremens (eg. Data-Event) could appear on both pages – unfortunately. It has been considered to split the current page now, but will be a lot of work and will cause problems with the location of discussions. The way to find a req. will be to use the Req-Cat Index. (Tips: Firefox is much better for editing large pages than Internet Explorer 8.)

The user that proposes a requirement will be responsible for maintaining the Req-Cat entry following discussion. The moderators should not do that – we can not be responsible for updating every item in the catalog all the time. But note that the Moderator(s) reserves the right to step in if it's not been done and the discussion is out of step with the page. We will have to handle the problems when they occur. What happens for example if a proposer leaves the wiki.

A priority for users should be to dig up requirements from previous discussions and create new requirements.

Since this will be a large page, it is unlikely that the moderator will be able to follow all discussions, and report on them.

Changes in terminology are likely to cause trouble for this work, and we might wait at least a few dates before we start making changes. It would help a lot if the terminology process could give priority to terms that we need in current work, eg. the PFACT complex.

Comments are most welcome.
GeneJ 2011-03-07T10:11:38-08:00
Sounds good. --GJ