BetterGEDCOM Developers Meeting
2012-06-04 (June 4)

Attending: Andrew Hatchett, Geir Thorud, GeneJ, Roger Moffat, Tamura Jones


Soc Gen thread:!topic/soc.genealogy.computing/CK5FU2wGKMc

FHISO Site – Site map

Geir Thorud –
TSC Procedures (w/Neil)
Working on a Wiki
Requirements for Document Retention
GeneJ will send Document Retention Policy draft to Geir

Neil Parker –
Plugging away at User Requirements document
Has begun to break the data model into sub-schemas (Neil/Tony/Stemma)
Has become apparent that major issues are outstanding. These may become appendixes (one for each).

Roger Moffat –
Nothing new

Tamura Jones –
Leiden archives are beginning a project to combine the scans with the index [for All Leiden BMD records, 1580-1811 :-)]
Watch for Scoop!!

New version of Ancestor Sync
See the open beta on their site

Discussion points …
  1. Names, dates, calendar issues, places, etc. and then the larger issue of subdividing information / separating evidence and conclusion. (Quantum genealogy!)
  2. Parameters Catalog (vs requirements catalog); some terminology to convey that work continues to build consensus about the requirements. (as opposed to a requirements catalog which establishes something closer to the framework for a software development project).
  3. See links for the Sources and Citations section-
    1. file/view/Sources%20and%20Citation%20data%20model%20DRAFT%20v%200.4%2027nov2011.pdf
    2. A+Data+Model+for+Sources+and+Citations
  4. Evidence and Conclusions section. Is less polished
    1. message/view/Defining+E%26C+for+BetterGEDCOM/39358416

Roger adds link:
Your Source and Citation Information Is In Danger