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USER NAME : NeilJohnParker

Country: Born, raised and currently living in British Columbia, Canada but worked 29 years in Ontario, Canada.

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Member of the wiki since Oct 20, 2011.


Initially graduated in Electrical Engineering and practiced for 3 years, then completed an MBA. Subsequently employed with the Ontario Government Management Board, Ministry of Revenue and Ministry of Education in various aspects of information technology ranging from strategic planning, organization and corporate policy, proposal analysis and assessment, project management and systems management. High-level exposure to and familiarity with traditional and current hardware, operating software, programming languages, database management systems and network technology.
Started genealogy for my and my wife's family in 1997. As such, I have become acutely aware of the potential of the internet for making data available to the masses of amateur genealogists but also of the critical need for improved international data standards in all aspects of genealogical data and the need to encourage these data standards to be incorporated into the various genealogical application software, data suppliers and data sources.


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