Notes by GeneJ

Meeting was conducted in the BetterGEDCOM Organizers Meeting chat room. By prior notice, Myrt was not in attendance (attending Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy).

Louis Kessler and GeneJ Composer were present.
Meeting opened at about 4:00 (PST); meeting ended at about 4:30 (PST).

Topics Discussed:
1. Wiki activity:
Good discussions this week on the wiki. Highlighted benefits of the spread sheet for BetterGEDCOM comparisons.
Observation that even when we don't agree, our postings to the discussions influence each others insight and opinion.
Observation that many of us do come from different perspectives.

2. Wiki questions:
GeneJ commented that she'd like to see another spread sheet started to support discussion of sources/citations/evidence.
Highlighted need for definition of terms "citation" and "evidence" in the spirit of BetterGEDCOM.

3. Brief source discussion
(a) Elizabeth Shown Mills' styled templates (ala, quicksheets). Nightmarish from a data standpoint.
-not all programs necessarily advance the identical templates and may advance different definitions for commonly named templates.
-not all programs necessarily even advance the templates
-Template styles are subject to revision. So that even within a given program, what is there "XXX" template today might not look the same or be called the same thing at the next program update.
(b) Observation that users will want BetterGEDCOM robust enough to process the source information recorded in Mills style, including processing that data at the element level.
(c) Observation that advancing the elements will not be a small task; perhaps identify key elements and allow for custom elements.

Note: Bear logged the meeting, but failed to download the log prior to midnight. Additions and corrections to the above notes are welcome.