Organizers Meeting Notes 17 Jan 2011

moderated by DearMYRTLE

Several members of the BetterGEDCOM wiki met in the site's chat room beginning at 4:09pm Pacific US time.

We moved to the conference room to practice:

It is thought this versatility will facilitate sub-group teams reporting to the group at larger developer meetings.

We also agreed that
  1. Myrt has reserved and domain names.
  2. Myrt's use of Word while in the Developers Meeting worked as a "white board" of sorts. She will copy/paste results of text agreed upon to the notes page for each meeting.
  3. GeneJ will merge her notes on the 17 Jan 2011 Developers Meeting Notes page.
  4. Tom will continue to work on the new GOALS page, to include Tamura's text, and all other goals will become "requirements" as we discuss, accept or reject them in the future.
  5. Myrt will record Developers Meetings (audio/video) using the GoToMeeting interface, change the file type and upload to a "free" file storage website.
  6. Andy will work on a process to record our meetings audio/video using an "outside" program.
  7. Andy will look into the free space as per the article Tamura brought to our attention.
  8. Myrt will set up the discussion page with link to this week's survey for voting. Done. See: 17+Jan+2011+Survey+-+ALL+VOTES+COUNT

What have I forgotten?
We adjourned at 5:09pm.

17 Jan 2011


theKiwi 2011-01-17T19:03:07-08:00
Domain Names
Purchasing the .org equivalent domain names would also be prudent - this effort is better suited under a .org than a .com I think.