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This part of the BetterGEDCOM project seeks to define requirements for the complete and faithful transfer of genealogical citations between applications. Our working objectives are listed below.

  1. What do we mean by "complete" and "faithful" transfer.
  2. By what means will we measure "complete" and "faithful"--and is that based solely on the originators' file, or does it extend to the ability of the recipient to manage that information? (a) Upon export, it is a citation supporting the conclusions or efforts in the exported file. As a receiver accepts particular assertions, however.... (b)Most standards relate to the manner of exporting data? Should BetterGEDCOM extend the standards so that receiving applications can recognize an originators source as the recipients "source of the source"
  3. How do we write a standards between applications that approach citations differently? Some rely on a relative few elements and apply basic form; others rely on a large set of elements, including custom elements and customized element, and use complex and/or customized templates to form citations. (See also 4)
  4. Some applications have implemented interpretations of Elizabeth Shown Mills, _Evidence Explained_ styles. These citations do not transfer between programs via GEDCOM; some programs are not able to round-trip these citations. What requirements BetterGEDCOM develop to assure these stylized citations transfer between programs that (a) have implemented Mills styled citations and (b) those that have not. (See also 3).
  5. How do we assure our standards are relevant globally?
  6. What terminology should be defined into BetterGEDCOM in support of these requirements and standards?
  7. What are we missing?