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Store snapshot of a page

Geir: Doing this extra work is totally unnecessary. The Wiki itself stores this information. Just go to the history tab, pick the version you want by clicking on the date. Then unclick the Highlight Changes box, and you have the snapshot. Simply use the "Older version" "Newer Version" buttons at the top right if the version isn't quite the right one. - Louis

Louis: I did not know that, but unfortunately it seems you can not create a PDF of the old version, so I still think there is a need for snapshots if you want the PDF - it is the only way to create a good looking printout. And, there is also a need to save PDF files offline since the backup features of the wiki are said to not work. (If so discussions will be lost sometime.) Geir

Store snapshot of a page
It may be a good idea to make a snapshot of a page at some regular interval or before making large changes to a page.
How to:
1. Save the page in PDF on your computer. Use the dropdown menu to the right of the PAGE tab. Start the file name with "Snapshot- " and then the page name, then the date.
1a. Check that the PDF is correct. I have seen some that looks very different from what's on the page.
2. Open the page for edit.
3. Place the cursor where you want to create a link to the file.
4. Click the file button on the edit toolbar
5. Use the "+ Upload file" button to load the PDF file back to the server.
6. Choose "Link to file" in the "Click to" dropdown menu
7. Click on the file in the list

(7. Type the text you want to show for the link on the page ??)

How to add a comment to a page

This is referenced in the help pages:


GeneJ 2011-04-16T14:00:02-07:00
Permalinks for discussion entries
I've didn't think we could link directly to specific discussion entries, but seems that might be possible.

Is it better to copy the opening to each message or click the permalink and then copy the resulting URL?
gthorud 2011-04-16T17:58:20-07:00
Copy the opening to each message ?????
GeneJ 2011-04-16T18:21:22-07:00
Opening of each message= when I was setting up the About Citations page for EE & GPS, I copied the URL, the re:xxx line, then name and date and time onto the wiki page.

When the page rendered (save page), most times the date and time information poofed, replaced by a hyperlinked name and URL.

See About Citations

I tinkered more after I posted this ... I'm guessing it's best to capture the URL from the perma link?
gthorud 2011-04-16T18:47:10-07:00
Seems so ...