The goal of Better GEDCOM is be a file format that can contain comprehensive genealogical data, and can be used to transfer genealogical data between persons, websites, and applications.


1. The syntax of the Better GEDCOM files shall be a non-proprietary format (e.g., XML, GEDCOM, JSON, …, or a custom format designed specifically for genealogical applications).
2. The data model that underlies Better GEDCOM must be inclusive of the models used by existing genealogical applications to the fullest extent deemed possible during design.
3. The model that underlies Better GEDCOM must provide a set of data entities designed to allow genealogical applications to support all conventional genealogical processes.
4. The character set used by Better GEDCOM files must be UTF-8 encoded Unicode.
5. Better GEDCOM files may contain references to external information that may exist in container files that accompany the Better GEDCOM files.
6. Better GEDCOM must not impose restrictions on field lengths or value formats except as deemed necessary during design.