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AQ (Ancestral Quest)
FTM (Family Tree Maker)
LFT (Legacy Family Tree


bamcphee 2012-02-29T02:24:19-08:00
Vendor - Supplier
As this page lists by Program name, should this page be Program Profile and the Vendor Profile be a new page by Company/Developer name?
Andy_Hatchett 2012-02-29T07:14:22-08:00

I suppose it could be, but since a major overhaul of the Wiki is planned for later this year and there are only six more to do at this time I believe this will do for now.

As you can see if you click 'Recent Changes", editing a lots of pages at one time tends to clog the timeline and drive even the more recent postings off the screen; that is why I try to not do too many at the same time.

Andy Hatchett
Interim Moderator.
bamcphee 2012-03-01T01:38:16-08:00
6 more, from the current Definitions. I was looking at adding all those I either have used or know about, possibly 30 or so.
bamcphee 2012-03-02T23:32:41-08:00
What is meant by "a major overhaul of the Wiki is planned for later this year"?

Is this a new look and feel, a new purpose for the wiki, both, something else?
bamcphee 2012-03-01T01:44:41-08:00
Google Translate - page location
On the new Vendor page, Google Translate is toward to top, under the Heading.
On the actual Vendor individual page, Google Translate is at the bottom of the page. Is the page template incorrect?