RootsTech 2012

This page is to enable those BetterGEDCOM members planning to attend RootsTech 2012 to corordinate among themselves about getting together at the Conference.

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RootsTech Meeting Discussion Andy_Hatchett Andy_Hatchett 5 162 Jan 16, 2012 by Andy_Hatchett Andy_Hatchett


Andy_Hatchett 2012-01-15T21:24:36-08:00
RootsTech Meeting Discussion
Wish I was going to be there!
WesleyJohnston 2012-01-16T09:12:47-08:00
I do not feel okay with discussing us getting together in a public forum; we should do that via e-mail.

I do feel okay with talking about talking about sessions I will attend. I am still working on the schedule, but I have worked out my Thursday sessions.
- 11-Noon - New GEDCOM - Ryan Heaton
- 1:45-2:45 - New GEDCOM - Ryan Heaton
- 3-4 - An Open-source Place Finder for Genealogy - Dallan Quass & Ryan Knight
- 4:15-5:15 - I will probably crash and nap by this time, but if not there are four candidate sessions in order of likelihood - Visualization, Family Graph API, Eleven Layers of Online Searches, or MongoDB
Andy_Hatchett 2012-01-16T09:20:36-08:00
HI Wesley,

I thought that might be the case for most of those going but set up the page to give people a chance to make initial contact.

I contacted Ryan and asked him if his sessions were going to be webcast and he said he hadn't heard and that I should probably suggest that to Gordon Clarke, so I wrote Gordon over the weekend but haven't heard anything yet.
WesleyJohnston 2012-01-16T10:31:26-08:00
I'm never sure of my physical stamina at this time of year.

I should definitely be good for the morning GEDCOM session.

But if things do come down to just one session that I can make in the PM, then I will make it the Place Finder session.
rmburkhead 2012-01-16T10:46:24-08:00
Wesley, et. al.,

I set up a private Google Group for us to discuss getting together without having to post on a public wiki/discussion.

You can request an invitation at
Andy_Hatchett 2012-01-16T11:22:25-08:00
Thanks Robert- I should have thought of that.