This page and any pages below it are for practice. You can do ANYTHING you like here. Completely delete this message if you like.

This page is a place you can try out the editing tools available on this wiki. Add anything you like (except real content).

Try out basic formatting
like bold type or italics or underline

This is a line using Header 1 formatting

This line uses Heading 2

This line uses Heading 3

This is a numbered list
  1. Get up
  2. Go to work
  3. Go to lunch
  4. Come home
  5. Go to bed
  6. Repeat
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Test Page

This is a bulleted list

  1. Topic one
    • What happens to this text?
    1. Sub Topic
      • What happens to sub topic text?

  1. Topic one
    Topic one text
    1. Sub Topic One
      Sub Topic One Text
    2. Sub Topic Two
      Sub Topic Two Text
  2. Topic Two
    Topic Two Text


greglamberson 2010-11-22T14:12:25-08:00
This is a test
testuser42 2011-01-09T07:03:33-08:00
Testing the formatting in discussions...
  • This is indented once, using a pointy arrow to the right. How does it look? How about long lines? do they intend to indent nicely? Is this line long enough to have a line break. Lalalala... hm ok, this has to be enough. let's do double indentations now!
But first a new line without arrow.
>This has one arrow.
>>This has two
testuser42 2011-01-09T07:05:29-08:00
Ah, you need a space after the arrow!
>This doesn't work but
  • This should.
    • This two, too
      • Threepeat
        • How four can you go?
          • 5
            • 6
              • 7
                • ate
                  • nine
testuser42 2011-01-09T07:11:36-08:00
cool. it adds space on the bottom, too.

now copying from the help page:

Text Formatting
Bold bold bold (two stars)
Italics italics italics (two / slashes)
Underline underline underline (two _ underscores)
Monospaced font monospace monospace (two { brackets)

Headings (use equal signs)

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

Bulleted lists (use stars at the beginning of a line)
  • list 1
    • list 2
      • list 3

Numbered lists (Hash # signs)
  1. numbered 1
    1. numbered 2
      1. numbered 3

Indenting (pointy > brackets)
Horizontal line ---- (four - dashes)

When you want to display characters that have other meanings in wikitext, you can escape the wikitext formatting by putting double backtick characters on either side of your text. The backtick shares a key with the tilde.
Escaping **escaping** escaping
testuser42 2011-01-09T07:14:30-08:00
  1. number one has "# "
    1. number two "## " (this didn't work above)
      1. three.
testuser42 2011-01-09T07:17:49-08:00
  1. one hm "# "
  2. another one, still "# "
  3. maybe this is working? still "# "
well, who needs numbered lists anyway.

links are also explained in the help.
as is "code" etc.
testuser42 2011-01-13T15:50:47-08:00
Testing a link to a discussion

This is plaintext.
Note that both code tags must be on a line by themselves without leading spaces.
testuser42 2011-01-13T15:52:48-08:00
[[escaping]] needs double ` backticks
mmartineau 2011-04-17T10:33:23-07:00
[[code]] testing escaping
mmartineau 2011-04-30T07:31:20-07:00
another discussion post test
mmartineau 2011-05-04T22:44:50-07:00
Comment: Testing out how to make comments on p...
Testing out how to make comments on pages
mmartineau 2011-05-04T22:47:20-07:00
a reply to a comment
mmartineau 2011-05-04T22:47:21-07:00
Comment: Another comment
Another comment
gthorud 2011-05-15T09:20:18-07:00