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USER NAME : louiskessler

Country: Canada
Family History Information Standards Organisation (FHISO) member: Not yet, but I will be as soon as I find out how to join.

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Member of the wiki since November 12, 2010.


I'm a software developer and genealogist, both for 35 years. Started chess programming (See: Brute Force) in the 70's. At the same time, I started programming my genealogy with a SCRIPT text-based wordprocessor. I tried many software programs for genealogy. I really liked the reports produced by Phillip Brown's Family History System. For data input, I moved to Reunion for Windows and had many discussions with Frank Leister and Brad Walter regarding features and my suggestions. When Leister Productions sold their Windows rights to Sierra, I became a beta tester for the newly named Generations and again had input with them. But then Generations was bought and dropped by Genealogy.com. I put up my own website in 1997 and included a Genealogy Software Links page, which has now evolved into GenSoftReviews. I have been developing my own genealogy software: Behold, which is now an output-based GEDCOM reader that will, in Version 2, introduce formless word-processer-like editing to the genealogy community. I've worked with GEDCOM for decades. It has served us well, and if it is to be replaced, I think I can contribute to the effort.


My Behold Blog at www.beholdgenealogy.com/blog is where I document the development of my program Behold.