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Source of the Source

This component of a citation is sometimes referred to as a "reference" or "credit line." Mills has a nice discussion about the "source of the source" in Evidence Explained (2007) p. 52. She writes, "When other authors identify their source for a detail that is relevant to us, we should add to our note a statement such as .."; she continues with the example below:
The author cites “Register 3, page 235, St. Peter’s Parish, Wilmington, Delaware.”

Mills continues, "Credit should always be given where it is due. By the same token, we would not wish to assume the blame for an error another writer made in using a record we have not seen."

I enter reference/source of the source/credit lines where it is relevant--sometimes in the Master Source level, sometimes at the assertion level. This is another component that might be entered at both levels.